EntertainmentMystery man unveiled: Emily Ratajkowski's fiery French love affair

Mystery man unveiled: Emily Ratajkowski's fiery French love affair

Is Emily Ratajkowski in love AGAIN?
Is Emily Ratajkowski in love AGAIN?
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Kamil Kozłowski
9:04 AM EDT, October 27, 2023

Emily Ratajkowski is reportedly involved romantically with another notable figure. The paparazzi recently spotted her on an intimate outing with a French actor, which involved several passionate exchanges. But who is her newfound love interest?

Emily Ratajkowski ended her four-year marriage in 2020. She's currently raising a baby boy named Sylvester Apollo, born in 2021, by herself. Despite grappling with an impending divorce, she seemed worry-free and often reminisced about her delightful dates with charismatic individuals from the global show business industry.

A year ago, the American model was rumored to be linked with comedian Pete Davidson, better known as Kim Kardashian's ex-flame. A few months later, rumors of her new love interest Harry Styles made the rounds. The singer and model went public with their relationship, which was short-lived.

Emily Ratajkowski caught sharing intimate moments with a French celebrity

It appears that the connection between Ratajkowski and Styles is now in the past. As an attractive woman, Emily didn't have to wait long before gaining new admirers. On a recent Tuesday, the paparazzi captured her exchanging fiery kisses with someone suspected to be her new boyfriend.

The 32-year-old model flew to Paris earlier this week. During her visit, she encountered Stephane Bak, a renowned figure in the French comedy sphere and frequent film actor. Their interaction was emotionally striking. They freely expressed their affection on the streets, alternating between passionate kisses and enjoying white wine. The intense chemistry observed by the paparazzi seemed straight from a romantic movie.

The couple appeared to lose themselves in the heat of their passion, ignoring passers-by or the potential to be caught by lurking photographers. Bak made his bold move, placing his hand on Emily's backside, and she reciprocated with continued passionate kisses.

Don't they make an adorable couple?

Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily Ratajkowski
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Stéphane Bak
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