NewsMysterious spheres in Ukraine spark speculation on new Russian tech

Mysterious spheres in Ukraine spark speculation on new Russian tech

Mysterious row of balls in Ukrainian field
Mysterious row of balls in Ukrainian field
Images source: © Telegram

2:02 PM EDT, June 25, 2024

Photos from Ukraine showing a mysterious row of 16 spheres have circulated online. Internet users are speculating whether this is a new Russian weapon. "It seemed that I already knew everything the enemy had in terms of technological solutions," comments a Ukrainian soldier.

The photos were published on Telegram. It is not known exactly where they were taken. They show a mysterious structure: 16 spheres arranged in a row.

Speculation quickly arose. Some claim it might be a new element of Russian electronic warfare. Others do not rule out that it could be an agricultural installation, reports the military-focused portal

Near the spheres, what appears to be camouflage netting or some type of tarpaulin can be seen, as well as a cleared area nearby. A truck is visible close by.

Shocking photo of a Ukrainian soldier

The man who shared the photo is Ukrainian soldier Serhii Beskrestnov. This soldier is an expert in radio technology and other military electronics. He publishes the latest developments on this topic, in the context of the war in Ukraine, on Telegram. This time, he admitted that he himself is surprised by what he saw.

"It seemed that I already knew everything the enemy had in terms of technological solutions," he wrote online.

It is often suggested on social media that these could be inflatable spherical antennas or antenna covers, possibly for communication purposes, similar to those produced by GATR Technologies in the United States.

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