NewsMysterious night explosions in Iraq: Israel and US deny involvement

Mysterious night explosions in Iraq: Israel and US deny involvement

Israel and the USA have spoken out about the attack on Iran.
Israel and the USA have spoken out about the attack on Iran.
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6:41 AM EDT, April 20, 2024
Israel denies involvement in the Iraq explosion on Friday night, as reported by CNN on Saturday, referencing a high-ranking Israeli official. Similarly, the United States has also refuted any participation in the incident.

Early on Friday morning, the state news agency IRNA reported that Iran had to activate its air defense systems due to explosions near the city of Isfahan. According to IRNA, air defense units reacted in several provinces, while the semi-official news agencies Fars and Tasnim mentioned hearing explosions but did not specify the causes. State television confirmed a loud noise around Isfahan.

Iraqi security services attributed the explosion to an air strike, which, according to them, caused material damage but no fatalities. However, a spokesperson from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior reported that the incident resulted in one death and eight injuries.

USA and Israel's official stance

CNN, citing a source from Israel, stressed that Tel Aviv was not connected to the explosions in Iraq.

The United States Central Command also released a statement clarifying that the United States did not carry out any attacks in Iraq. Furthermore, the combined joint task force leading Operation Inherent Resolve, a multinational effort to defeat the Islamic State, confirmed that the US-led coalition had not executed any strikes in Iraq.

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