NewsMysterious murder in Mojave: Six bodies discovered in California desert, investigation underway

Mysterious murder in Mojave: Six bodies discovered in California desert, investigation underway

Scene of the event
Scene of the event
Images source: © Getty Images | © Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG

11:30 AM EST, January 25, 2024

The authorities located the bodies of these individuals in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, approximately 50 miles from Los Angeles, according to Sky News. Officers from San Bernardino County were alerted on Tuesday evening. Upon arriving at the isolated area nearby Highway 395, they found five corpses. Mara Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's office, reported that the sixth body was discovered on Wednesday morning.

The police are currently investigating the case and gathering evidence. The circumstances of the incident remain uncertain. However, KTLA-TV, a television station based in Los Angeles, noted the presence of numerous bloodied bodies visible in the footage of the crime scene.

Near the bodies, many forensic markers and shell casings were seen. The station confirmed that some of the victims appeared to have been burned. The images were deemed too gruesome to broadcast.

Additionally, two vehicles - a blue SUV and a white van - were found in the desert of California. KTLA-TV reported that the SUV had bullet holes, and the windows in the vehicle were shattered.

A specialized investigation unit was sent to the site. Based on information from officials, a murder investigation is underway, Sky News confirmed. The police added that no arrests have been made and the motive and circumstances behind the murders remain unclosed.

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