LifestyleMysterious lights on the beach. Only a few know what they mean

Mysterious lights on the beach. Only a few know what they mean

UV light helps to identify a gemstone.
UV light helps to identify a gemstone.
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9:17 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

Last Sunday on many Baltic beaches, you could see unusual purple lights. Not everyone knows that their presence is associated with a specific phenomenon.

A few days ago, the media reported the biggest storm in the Baltic Sea in a hundred years. A strong gale and over six and a half foot waves reached the coasts of Germany. Even though a significant danger in Poland was not anticipated, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued a warning for a strong storm for the entire Southeast Baltic.

UV rays help to identify amber

Those who were by the Gulf of Gdansk last weekend could see that the water level was significantly higher than usual. Part of the beach was underwater, and inland you could see the lapping of waves. Besides this, there was something else noticeable.

On the beach in Sobieszewo (Poland) these days, there were many people strolling along the shore with flashlights emitting purple light. What does this mean? During a storm, the sea throws up sediment from the bottom, and among numerous shells and broken branches, there are also amber stones.

Passionate amber collectors know that the raw material has fluorescent properties. Under the influence of UV rays, fossilized resin will glow in shades of yellow, blue, or green. This makes it much easier to distinguish amber from semi-precious stones.

Sometimes, you can also meet so-called hunters on the beach who search for amber in a somewhat more advanced way. They usually stand in the water in tall rain boots and filter sediment from the bottom with a sieve and an ultraviolet lamp.

Night fishing - gathering and collecting amber with a UV flashlight - amber gatherers - amber

When and where is the best place to look for amber?

Fans of this unusual sport also know that the best time for successful "fishing" for amber is in the fall. This time of year promotes strong winds and storms, thanks to which the sea throws plenty of treasures onto the shore.

The best place to search for Baltic gold will be the eastern side of the Gulf of Gdansk. Therefore, it's worth going amber fishing in such places as: Jantar, Krynica Morska, Kąty Rybackie, or Stegna.

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