NewsMysterious deaths of Russian tourists in India: A puzzling note left behind

Mysterious deaths of Russian tourists in India: A puzzling note left behind

Police in the Indian district of Himachal Pradesh.
Police in the Indian district of Himachal Pradesh.
Images source: © Getty Images | Hindustan Times
10:29 AM EST, December 1, 2023

The bodies of two Russian tourists, a man and a woman, were discovered in the northern part of India, adjacent to the Parvati River near Manikaran village. Despite bearing injuries, the investigators ruled out the wounds as a fatal cause. The most curious finding was an enigmatic note left in the room they had rented.

The Russian duo, a 37-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman, were traveling across India when their journey was abruptly halted in the foothills of the Himalayas. Even though their bodies bore mysterious injuries, these were not found to be the cause of their demise.

According to a report released by TASS, the Himachal Pradesh police have declared the demise of both tourists near the warm springs of Parvati and an investigation is presently underway. The officials stressed the fact that the exact cause behind the deaths of both individuals is still unclear.

Speculating on the circumstances, the police have ruled out any possibility of a criminal incident. The most intriguing element, however, was a certain object that they found in the room rented by the couple.

The couple left behind a peculiar note in their guesthouse, penned down in English. It expressed a request that their belongings should be sent to the Russian embassy located in New Delhi.

Unexplained demise of a Russian couple in India

The note that was found seemingly hints towards a kind of will. It not only insinuates that the Russian tourists anticipated their demise, but it also suggests a possible planned event of self-harm. They have expressed their dying wish of entrusting their belongings to their family back in Russia.

Several items including a knife, mobile phones, and candles were found at the site of their demise. The bodies of the deceased have been moved to the morgue in Kullu, where an autopsy will be conducted. This procedure may provide more insight into the actual cause of their deaths.

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