NewsMysterious death of pro-Kremlin journalist in Moscow amidst Russia's escalating force

Mysterious death of pro‑Kremlin journalist in Moscow amidst Russia's escalating force

The deputy editor of the pro-Kremlin newspaper is dead. An investigation is underway.
The deputy editor of the pro-Kremlin newspaper is dead. An investigation is underway.
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7:48 AM EST, December 14, 2023

The woman's father and husband confirmed her death to the media. Her husband reported that she didn't have any chronic diseases and that the cause of her death is under investigation. He affirmed that her death was not the result of any violence inflicted upon her.

The Baza service reported that the journalist had complained of a fever on December 10, and thereafter, contact with her was lost. Tsarova's parents found her body.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" is the largest tabloid in Russia.

Żaryn: Russia has followed an imperial course for many years

Stanisław Żaryn, the former Secretary of State in the Prime Minister's Chancellery, asserts that Russia has been pursuing an imperial course for many years, and continuously aims to expand its aggressive military capabilities. In his article on the National Review portal, he emphasized the necessity for NATO and the European Union to provide strong support for Ukraine and to continue developing their military capabilities, to avert potential dangers from the Kremlin.

"The specter of Russian imperialism has long lingered over Europe. However, for years, certain circles and states overlooked this, believing that cooperation with Russia was viable, and even built their own economic and political power upon this cooperation," Żaryn assessed.

According to him, this perception only changed after Russia's full-scale aggression against Ukraine. However, today, the risk of returning to negotiations with Moscow is increasing. "Sensing such a possibility, the Kremlin has recently escalated efforts to force 'negotiations' with Ukraine, with the aim of freezing the war," he added.

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