NewsMysterious arrests in Sweden. High-ranking officer and his wife in custody

Mysterious arrests in Sweden. High-ranking officer and his wife in custody

Mysterious arrests in Sweden. High-ranking officer and his wife in custody
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3:03 PM EDT, October 20, 2023

On Tuesday, Säpo, the Swedish institution responsible for civilian counterintelligence, detained a high-ranking Swedish military officer and his wife. Their case is surrounded by the utmost secrecy. The suspects are completely isolated from the world. The case is being handled by prosecutors who previously unraveled "the biggest spy scandal since the Cold War".

The case of the suspected military man and his wife is shrouded in strict secrecy. The proceedings with both detainees are quite unusual. The Chief Prosecutor for National Security, Per Lindqvist, decided that they would not be allowed to watch television, listen to the radio, or communicate with the outside world in the form of letters.

According to the "Expressen" newspaper, the matter is considered so delicate that Swedish security service personnel are responsible for overseeing and controlling the food for suspects.

What are the charges against the detained? "Serious unauthorized use of confidential information," which suggests that they may have committed a crime against national security.

High-ranking officer associated with intelligence

Who are the detainees? The man has had a long career in the military and has held several key positions both in Sweden and abroad. According to the newspaper, he is said to be well versed in both the Russian and Ukrainian military systems. What's more, he is reported to have had direct ties with the Swedish agency MUST, or the Military Intelligence and Security Service. Currently, the man reportedly holds a government position outside of the Swedish army.

The man's wife - as reported by "Expressen" - was supposed to work in a government agency and hold a "very sensitive position".

Services and investigators are silent. The investigation is shrouded in secrecy

The highest defense management and key ministers, including the Minister of Defense Pål Jonsson and Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer, were reportedly informed about the arrest of the officer and his wife.

The Swedish services and prosecution have so far issued two sparse statements on this matter, only informing about the arrest of the couple. However, it is known that the matter is very serious - it is being handled by the same prosecutors who led the investigation into the case of Payama and Peyman Kia, convicted of spying for the Russian military intelligence GRU. The sentence in this matter was passed in January of this year, and the case has been dubbed the "biggest spy scandal since the Cold War".

The decision about the arrest will be made on Friday

The main prosecutor for national security, Per Lindqvist, told "Expressen" that "the matter is at an early stage" and is confidential. On Friday, a decision is expected whether investigators will submit a request for temporary arrest of those detained.

Services thoroughly searched the couple's apartment and another property they own. Searches were also conducted at their workplaces. Confiscated computers and cell phones have been subjected to thorough analysis.

The boss of the detained man is not providing information on his case. - We cannot confirm or deny any information. Please direct all questions to Säpo - he stated.

Attorney Thomas Olsson, who represents one of the spouses, also does not comment on this matter. - I can't comment on this case. I am bound by a confidentiality clause - he added.

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