LifestyleMy mom drinks it half an hour before dinner. She is 50 years old and looks like a teenager

My mom drinks it half an hour before dinner. She is 50 years old and looks like a teenager

White mulberry
White mulberry
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4:43 PM EDT, October 7, 2023

The white mulberry is a very interesting plant, which has many nutritional properties and lots of advantages. It should be reached for primarily by people with diabetes and those who are dieting. More and more people are starting to appreciate it and brew tea from this herb. My mother loves it and thanks to it she looks like a teenage girl.

The white mulberry is known for its health benefits. It naturally supports the circulatory and digestive systems and helps maintain proper blood sugar levels. Most often, powdered leaves or extracts are consumed three times a day for 3 months. The dosage is best adjusted to individual needs and should be consulted with a specialist doctor.

The white mulberry is perfect for weight loss

The fruit is rich in vitamins from the B group and in numerous minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, or magnesium. In addition, it contains anthocyanins, and alkaloids. Thanks to these components, our body functions very well. Consuming mulberries supports the immune system. It should be part of the diet of people with diabetes. The herb stimulates the intestines, reduces the feeling of hunger, making it ideal for those who want to get rid of excess pounds.

White mulberry
White mulberry© Adobe Stock | Paola Iamunno

When dieting, we can reach for fruits and the leaves of the white mulberry. These ingredients have versatile effects. Few people know that they support the body in fighting fever and lowering blood sugar levels. However, there's a catch. People suffering from diabetes and taking medication that lowers sugar, should consult their doctor about consuming white mulberry and monitor their glucose levels. A significant drop is very dangerous.

White mulberry - possible side effects

First of all, you should not combine it with drugs that are transported by proteins from the OCT2 family. White mulberry can have a negative impact on their functioning. While consuming the fruit or leaves, some people may struggle with:

  • bloating,
  • difficulties with bowel movements,
  • irregular bowel movements,
  • excessive accumulation of gas in the intestines.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume white mulberry. There are no certain studies on this subject and it's better not to take any risks. Supplementation with this ingredient during such an important time for a woman is not recommended.

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