NewsMurmansk Governor Stabbed at Residents' Meeting, Critical Condition

Murmansk Governor Stabbed at Residents' Meeting, Critical Condition

Władimir Putin / Andriej Chibis
Władimir Putin / Andriej Chibis
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4:18 AM EDT, April 5, 2024

The governor of Murmansk Oblast in the Russian Federation, Andriej Chibis, was stabbed in the abdomen during a meeting with residents. He is currently in critical condition. The incident occurred in the city of Apatity, and the attacker has been detained.

The stabbing happened on Thursday evening at a scheduled meeting with the residents of Apatyty in Murmansk Oblast. "The attack took place as they were leaving the Stroitel cultural center. The attacker was quickly detained," a witness relayed to the Interfax agency.

Governor Attacked

Following the attack, Chibis was able to make it to a car on his own and was then rushed to the Central City Hospital in Apatyty.

"The governor is currently alive, but his assailant is in custody. The motives behind the attack are still unclear," reported the TASS agency. The capture was executed by members of the Russian Guard, who were stationed outside the building.

The Baza channel circulated a photo of the governor lying in a hospital bed.

During the arrest, the attacker sustained a head injury. The Baza channel identified the assailant as a 42-year-old Apatyty resident who had previously been convicted for crimes related to bodily harm.

Assault on Russian Governor

Late on Thursday night Eastern Time, the hospital provided an update, stating that the governor had undergone complex surgery and his condition remains critical.

"He is now in intensive care, fortunate that his aorta was not hit," the chief doctor of the hospital stated.

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