NewsMurderer and cannibal released to fight for Russia

Murderer and cannibal released to fight for Russia

The murderer and cannibal was released. He will fight for Russia.
The murderer and cannibal was released. He will fight for Russia.
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7:51 AM EST, November 24, 2023

It's hard to believe. Vladimir Putin and his administration have pardoned a man convicted of multiple murders who also engaged in cannibalistic acts with his victims. Despite his heinous crimes, he has now been enlisted in the military. Currently, he is on Sakhalin, recuperating from injuries he sustained on the Ukrainian front.

Denis Gorin, a serial killer and cannibal feared by Sakhalin residents, has been released from prison. He was immediately sent to the Ukrainian front after receiving a pardon from Vladimir Putin. Now, wounded and back home, he is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. His future remains uncertain.

Gorin haunted the residents of Sakhalin for two decades. He first appeared on police records in 2003, and since then, substantial evidence against him has been amassed by authorities. He was convicted of four murders but is suspected of thirteen. Shockingly, he stored the remains of his victims in his refrigerator and gradually consumed them.

Despite his appalling crimes, Russian authorities deemed him to be an ideal soldier.

A shortage of soldiers and people ready to die for Vladimir Putin adorns Russia's distressing state. The leader is less likely to appeal to regular residents, so any available individual is drafted into the military, including the notorious murderer and cannibal, Denis Gorin.

The 44-year-old Gorin didn't qualify for the Wagner Group last year but was fit for service this year. He was provided a uniform a weapon, and deployed on the front line. He was proven guilty of four counts of murders and cannibalism, but the locals of Aniwa town assert that he's responsible for at least 13 deaths, including a minor girl.

Gorin's crimes are as shocking as they are appalling. He has been tried for murder thrice, the first instance dating back to 2003. Local sources allege that Gorin and his brother, Yevgeny, cannibalized a deceased acquaintance. After serving seven years, he was released, only to kill again, indulging again in his horrific cannibalistic practices.

His fridge was full of human flesh - local media reports

In 2018, he was sentenced by a court to serve 22 years in a high-security penal colony. During a search at their residence, the Gorin brothers directed investigators to a burial pit containing victims' remains. However, it wasn't just four bodies as convicted, but twelve or thirteen. After serving five years, he was released to join the war, where he was subsequently wounded.

He even proudly displayed a picture of himself wearing his uniform adorned with the letter "Z" and a distinctive streamer on social media. Russia is now dispatching such "soldiers" to battle, viewing them merely as expendables. Fear permeates Sakhalin, as locals speculate over the repercussions of Gorin's return and potential freedom.

Thanks to special provisions, having survived the war and sustained injuries, he can return home without getting behind bars again. Who will be his next victim? The locals claim no one, as they pledge to take justice into their own hands. There are no doubts left; Gorin must answer for his crimes. Relatives of his victims are set to exact revenge on behalf of their dearly departed.

Pro-Kremlin media have conspicuously ignored the news about the cannibal's pardon. News about him came to light on social networks, resonating differently based on the distance from Sakhalin and the perceived threat. One commenter wrote: "A cannibal pardoning a cannibal, what else is there to be surprised about?" Perhaps that sums up the situation best.

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