NewsMurad Abu Murad is dead. Israel's "large-scale" attack

Murad Abu Murad is dead. Israel's "large-scale" attack

Murad Abu Murad is dead. Israel's "large-scale" attack.
Murad Abu Murad is dead. Israel's "large-scale" attack.
Images source: © PAP | PAP/EPA/ATEF SAFADI

12:34 PM EDT, October 14, 2023

Overnight from Friday to Saturday, Israel carried out "large-scale" air strikes on the Gaza Strip. As a result of the attack, Murad Abu Murad, who was directing Hamas' aerial operations, was reportedly killed. The Israeli military provided this information.

From a statement by the Israeli Defense Forces, we learn that Murad Abu Murad played a "major role in directing terrorists during the massacre conducted last weekend." Some Hamas fighters infiltrated Israeli territory from the air, using paragliders.

Israel killed one of the Hamas leaders. An attack "on a large scale"

During a nighttime raid, Israel targeted a command center from which the recent Hamas air operations were being coordinated. The Israeli military describes the attack as "large-scale" and emphasizes that it managed to hit "dozens of targets associated with Hamas".

The latest actions of Israel are a response to an attack by Hamas militants, which began last Saturday (October 7). The terrorists have killed over 1300 people, mainly civilians, and kidnapped at least 120. In Israeli retaliatory attacks on the Gaza Strip, it is estimated that approximately 2000 residents of this region have already been killed.

"This is just the beginning," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on Friday. The head of the Israeli government announced that his country will strike Hamas fighters "with unprecedented force." "We will never forgive and never forget the atrocities our enemies have committed," Netanyahu said.

- We will ensure that the war will continue. More weapons and ammunition are coming to Israel. We will destroy Hamas and we will emerge victorious. It will take time, but we will end this war stronger than ever - added Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that the US is preparing a rapid response Marine Infantry unit for possible deployment in Israel. It is intended to reinforce American forces in the region. The unit consists of over 2000 Marine Infantry and Navy soldiers. They are capable of supporting large-scale evacuations. The main tasks of the Marine Expeditionary group include evacuation operations and humanitarian aid.

The Americans placed their unit in the region in July 2023 in response to increased Iranian aggression in the Gulf of Oman and the surrounding waters.

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