EntertainmentMrBeast's record-breaking 3.9M retweets and a $250,000 giveaway in history-making X platform stunt

MrBeast's record-breaking 3.9M retweets and a $250,000 giveaway in history-making X platform stunt

MrBeast broke the record on X.
MrBeast broke the record on X.
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2:55 AM EST, January 27, 2024

The journey began when Elon Musk, the owner of X, initiated a "revenue sharing with ads" program on X. This program allows creators to earn money from their videos and is primarily designed to encourage producing more high-quality content on the platform.

The biggest beneficiary of this program is Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known online as MrBeast. His first video on X attracted a staggering 160 million views and earned a record $250,000. "However, this might be slightly misleading. Advertisers realized the appeal of my content and purchased ads for my video, so my potential earnings from views could be higher than you might anticipate," Donaldson explained.

MrBeast's Generous Cash Giveaway

Undaunted by the novelty of the situation, the YouTuber decided to build upon this initiative. After announcing his remarkable earnings, MrBeast revealed that he would be giving away the entire amount to ten random followers who shared his posts, which is $25,000 each.

"As a fun gesture, I'll be giving away $25,000 to ten random people who repost this and follow me (it's the $250,000 that my video X earned). I'll select the winners within 72 hours," stated MrBeast.

MrBeast and the 'Record-Breaking Reshared Post'

The prospect of winning a slice of MrBeast's earnings created a frenzy. His contest post was reshared by over 3.9 million X users, claiming the title of the most retweeted post in the platform's history.

"It's currently the most shared post in history," a surprised MrBeast proudly proclaimed.

Now, all that is left is for the YouTuber to announce the names of the fortunate contest winners.

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