EntertainmentMrBeast stages YouTube's biggest explosion in $500,000 fortress challenge

MrBeast stages YouTube's biggest explosion in $500,000 fortress challenge

MrBeast conducted the biggest explosion in YouTube history.
MrBeast conducted the biggest explosion in YouTube history.
Images source: © YouTube: MrBeast | YouTube: MrBeast
7:41 AM EST, January 15, 2024

Notorious for his extraordinary video content, MrBeast leveled up his usual routine. This round saw an invite extended to Blake, a prior participant in MrBeast's challenges who had not been successful on the previous occasion. However, much more was at stake this time: a staggering half a million dollars. Blake's task was to protect this sum from four calamitous challenges set by MrBeast.

Tanks, Catapults, and YouTube's Largest Explosion

With an unrestricted budget and a 24-hour deadline, MrBeast tasked Blake with constructing a fortress to safeguard the money. The initial trial by fire was brought on by five tanks relentlessly firing towards Blake's fortress. Despite this, Blake's structure stood its ground. Subsequently, he was granted another day to bolster the defenses of his fortress, preparing it for the impending, enormous explosion.

To orchestrate the YouTube record-breaking explosion, MrBeast amassed 100 crates of explosives, positioning them around the money-encased fortress. The vastness of the blast astonished onlookers, but Blake's tactics prevailed— his fortress and the money withstood the colossal blast.

Blake's next test was to safeguard the money from plummeting, flaming cars, and incendiary projectiles fired from a catapult. The final challenge, however, crushed Blake's hopes of winning half a million dollars as the money was entirely incinerated. Despite this, Blake didn't walk away empty-handed. MrBeast gave him a choice: he could walk away with $100,000 or take up another challenge. Blake accepted the challenge, promising another exciting video due to air on MrBeast's channel in February 2024.

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