EntertainmentMrBeast builds school enhancing education for 300 students in Africa

MrBeast builds school enhancing education for 300 students in Africa

MrBeast built a school.
MrBeast built a school.
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8:23 AM EST, December 28, 2023

MrBeast is recognized for his YouTube challenges and praised for his benevolent activities. The well-known American influencer consistently assists people globally. He has contributed to significant projects such as constructing a hundred wells in Africa, shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness, renovation of an orphanage, and the purchase of prosthetic limbs for 2,000 people.

MrBeast constructs a school

The organization Beast Philanthropy became aware of a school in Cameroon that offered a much-needed learning environment for children from the country's British and French sectors. Unfortunately, the building fell short of basic safety standards, lacking a roof, electricity, clean water, and appropriate sanitation facilities.

MrBeast dispatched Beast Philanthropy representatives to the location, where they promptly began construction. The new school was erected during the holidays, with new utilities like electricity and water, sanitary hookups, and new educational structures. This refurbished site anticipates providing a safe and conducive learning environment for over 300 students.

We Built A School

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