NewsMother throws son in crocodile-infested river after marital dispute in India

Mother throws son in crocodile-infested river after marital dispute in India

A crocodile attacked a child in India.
A crocodile attacked a child in India.
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8:58 AM EDT, May 7, 2024

A tragic event unfolded in India where a 26-year-old mother, following a dispute with her husband, committed an unthinkable act by throwing her disabled child into a river known for its crocodile population. The controversy surrounding the child's birth had been a point of contention between the couple. Unfortunately, the six-year-old child did not survive, and the parents are now in custody.

According to "Los Angeles Times," Savitri Kumar, a resident of Uttara Kannada in Karnataka, found herself in a heated exchange with Ravi Kumar, the 27-year-old father. Ravi had been pressuring her to abandon their child, challenging her decision to give birth to a child with disabilities. Amidst another argument on Saturday, driven to despair, Savitri tossed her son into a sewage canal leading to the crocodile-infested Kali River. This river, a tributary of the Ganges, meanders over 404 miles and passes among the majestic Himalayan peaks.

Eyewitnesses to this heart-wrenching incident immediately alerted the authorities. The police dispatched divers to retrieve the boy, but their search was complicated by the onset of darkness, as reported by "Daily Mail."
The search resumed the following day, leading to the grim discovery of the boy's body, which bore signs of a crocodile attack, including a missing right arm.

The couple also has another child, a two-year-old with a speech impairment, which was another source of disagreement. Ravi works as a mason's assistant, and Savitri is a domestic helper.

Authorities have ordered an autopsy to ascertain the precise cause of the child's death, with the investigation still underway. Local reports suggest that charges of murder have been filed against the parents, who have currently been detained for fourteen days.

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