LifestyleMother of two shocks her kids by concealing 800 tattoos: their reaction is priceless

Mother of two shocks her kids by concealing 800 tattoos: their reaction is priceless

She has over 800 tattoos. She showed what she would look like without them.
She has over 800 tattoos. She showed what she would look like without them.
Images source: © Facebook | @MelissaSloan
8:22 AM EST, February 1, 2024

Melissa Sloan hails from Wales, where she became well-known for her extensive body art. She acknowledges that her appearance isn't everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't bother her. In a recent experiment, she concealed her tattoos, and her children's reaction was unexpected.

A thriving tattoo addiction

The 46-year-old admits she's running out of real estate on her body. Melissa Sloan is now covering her old tattoos with fresh ones. Since first becoming enchanted with tattoos 10 years ago, she says she can't live without them.

Tattoos are now gracing her face, a fact that surprises many. This tattoo aficionado emphasizes that she isn't living to meet anyone else's standards. She opts for more tattoos and takes pleasure in sharing her journey with others.

Regrettably, it seems that her passion significantly alters how others view her. Sloan once confessed that her appearance made it difficult for her to secure employment.

However, the woman insists that no one should be judged based on their appearance, which is why she has no plans to alter hers.

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How she concealed over 800 tattoos

Curious about how much her look would alter without her tattoos, Sloan recently decided to cover them. The 46-year-old revealed that for concealing face tattoos, she had to use half a pot of full-coverage foundation.

Melissa Sloan shared her transformation with her children. Her two youngest were noticeably baffled. "Neither of them talked to me that day," she admitted in an interview with The Daily Star.

The woman also proudly shared her transformation on Facebook.

"Get rid of the tattoos; you have a lovely face; the tattoos are terrible!"
"Much better" - these were the comments under her photo, which showed her with makeup covering her tattoos.

Despite the transformation, Sloan doesn't plan to abandon her passion. She says new ink will continue to find a place on her body.

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