EntertainmentMother of five sparks debate with unique parenting approach: Kids pay for their own needs

Mother of five sparks debate with unique parenting approach: Kids pay for their own needs

Ashleigh Jade Le is raising five children.
Ashleigh Jade Le is raising five children.
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8:33 PM EST, December 16, 2023

The topic of educational methods often becomes a hot point of discussion among mothers. To avoid unnecessary friction, it's often best to keep opinions on another person's parenting approach to oneself. Failing to do so, might easily lead to conflict.

Nonetheless, modern parenting methods differ significantly from the standards adhered to by our parents and grandparents. The more rigid practice of cold upbringing has given way to open conversations, the effort to formulate collective solutions, and almost friendly relationships. One particular American woman, for example, has developed her own unique set of child-rearing rules.

Teaching children about financial responsibility: understanding needs and costs

Ashleigh Jade Le, a mother of five, gave birth to her eldest daughter in 2011. The three siblings that followed were born annually. She is also the mother of a 2-year-old son.

Raising multiple children requires absolute parental dedication and a rational approach that will foster responsible and principled adults. To this effect, she has introduced the practice of paying for necessities, comforts, and leisure activities.

This American mother doesn't dock her children's allowances. She also doesn't expect minors to earn extra money. At the start of each month, she provides them with a stack of play money, which her four eldest children then use to pay for utilities and entertainment services like TV and internet access. If the kids exceed their data limit, they must pay for additional data, or she changes the Wi-Fi password. The children are also expected to cover the cost of any home repairs caused by their actions.

Initially, the children were not thrilled with this arrangement, but over time, it's helped them understand the value of money.

"When I told my kids that they had to pay for food, some looked like they would cry. After that, everything changed. They've become much more thoughtful," she comments on her successful parenting method.

However, Ashleigh's method was met with criticism from other mothers, who accused her of creating stressful situations for her children. Some believe that this might breed resentment towards her.

What's your take on such unconventional parenting methods?

Ashleigh Jade Le
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Ashleigh Jade Le's children
Ashleigh Jade Le's children© Instagram
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