NewsMoscow terror attack: 11 arrests and rising victim count

Moscow terror attack: 11 arrests and rising victim count

Attack in Russia. Two terrorists from Moscow were arrested.
Attack in Russia. Two terrorists from Moscow were arrested.
Images source: © Nexta, Telegram
6:31 AM EDT, March 23, 2024

Two terrorists from Moscow were captured, announced Aleksander Hinsztejn, a deputy to the Russian Duma. The suspects were arrested while attempting to flee in the Bryansk Oblast, western Russia. The Kremlin has reported that 11 individuals have been captured following the manhunt. Here are the details of what the attackers had on them.

On Friday, near Moscow in Krasnogorsk, a group of terrorists stormed the Crocus City Hall concert venue and began shooting at people, catching Russians off guard.

A nationwide manhunt for the terrorists is ongoing, as reported by Deputy Aleksander Hinsztejn. The police arrested two terrorists who were fleeing by car, caught in the Bryansk Oblast near the border with Belarus.

In the Bryansk Oblast, two terrorists were arrested, reports Aleksander Hinsztejn, a deputy of the Russian State Duma. According to him, the Renault in which the terrorism suspects were traveling was found at night near the village of Khatsun. Hinsztejn also shared a photo of the weapon allegedly found in the car, as reported by the Nexta agency on the platform X.

These individuals are additional suspects arrested for their involvement in the attack on Russian territory. The terrorists were attempting to flee towards the borders with Belarus and Ukraine, but the authorities acted swiftly.

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FSB Director Aleksandr Bortnikow briefed Vladimir Putin about the arrest of 11 individuals involved in the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue, the Kremlin announced. The statement mentioned that four of the arrested individuals are terrorists, as reported by the media.

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According to the latest information, the number of victims from the terrorist attack has escalated to 93, announced the Russian Investigative Committee. They also predict that "the number of victims will rise." According to official data from the Russian health ministry, this refers to the number of injured persons, which stands at 140. Unofficial sources claim that up to 200 people were injured.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack. Russian authorities have yet to confirm this claim. Still, the attack was probably orchestrated by ISKP - Islamic State - Khorasan Province, a local cell of the notorious organization known for its worldwide attacks over the years.

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