NewsMoscow shock: Helicopter hit in unprecedented inside job

Moscow shock: Helicopter hit in unprecedented inside job

Russian helicopter Ka-32 burned down in Moscow, it's the result of sabotage.
Russian helicopter Ka-32 burned down in Moscow, it's the result of sabotage.
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9:38 AM EDT, May 1, 2024

Russia didn't see this attack coming. A versatile Ka-32 helicopter was set on fire at an airport in Moscow. This is the first incident of its kind since the war began. The most shocking part of this incident is the identity of those responsible for setting the Russian helicopter on fire.

Russia was taken by surprise with a recent attack. A Ka-32 multipurpose helicopter was torched at a Moscow airport, marking the first incident of its kind since the war began. What's most unexpected is the identity of those behind the Russian helicopter’s arson.

Ukrainians are striving to launch attacks on targets within Russia at all costs. This forces the aggressor to remain alert to threats within its own borders and to secure key strategic assets deeper inside the country.

Targets are not limited to fuel depots or drone factories. This time, it was a multipurpose Ka-32 helicopter in Moscow that was targeted and set ablaze.

Helicopter set ablaze in Moscow by Russians

The perpetrators' identities are the most surprising element of this action at the Moscow military airport. According to "Moscow Times," five young Russians, aged between 19 and 22, are responsible for the attack. They appeared in court on Tuesday.

The quintet faces charges of terrorist activity. Preliminary reports suggest that the group's informal leader, Russian citizen Stanislav Khamidulin, had allegedly agreed to set the helicopter alight in return for a promised reward from Ukrainian intelligence services. The entire group has been placed in temporary custody.

Per information from the Telegram channel Baza, considered to be connected with Russian security forces, the accused individuals hailed from various parts of the country - from Novosibirsk in Siberia, the city of Norilsk beyond the Arctic Circle, and the European part of Russia's Rostov region.

A first since the war's onset in Russia

We are reminded that the successful attack on Ostafievo airport in Moscow was publicly acknowledged on April 26 by Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR). The facility, under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Defence, saw the complete destruction of the Ka-32 helicopter. HUR highlighted that such aircraft were instrumental during the invasion of Ukraine, with a video of the incident being shared online.

Remarkably, this helicopter's destruction is the first verified instance of Russian arms or military equipment being destroyed in Moscow since the war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. This event signifies that HUR can reach Russians even in places where they feel most secure.

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