NewsMoscow attack raises fears of martial law in Russia, expert says

Moscow attack raises fears of martial law in Russia, expert says

Will Vladimir Putin introduce martial law?
Will Vladimir Putin introduce martial law?

11:44 AM EDT, March 25, 2024

After the violent incident in Moscow last Friday, there may be considerations for implementing martial law in Russia according to Leonid Gozman, a Russian dissident living in exile for many years.
The war in Ukraine: Live coverage with the most crucial updates
In the recent attack near Moscow at the Crocus concert hall, nearly 140 people lost their lives, and an equal number suffered injuries. In an interview with "Rzeczpospolita," Leonid Gozman shared his insights.
"Regardless of the perpetrators, this event aligns with the recent rhetoric from the Russian authorities. Just a few days prior to the elections, Vladimir Putin announced that 'the reunification of Russia and Ukraine is inevitable,' signaling Russia's intent to take over all of Ukraine," the opposition figure told the newspaper.
Gozman also highlighted that shortly after the elections, Putin hinted at the possibility of conflict with NATO. Furthermore, Defense Minister Soygu, for the first time in over two years, acknowledged that the situation in Ukraine is not merely a special military operation but a war. "This seems like a clear signal towards the initiation of martial law," the expert stressed.

Could war in Ukraine accelerate?

Gozman believes the assault in Moscow could intensify the conflict in Ukraine. "The imposition of martial law is conceivable. I wouldn't discount Vladimir Putin declaring a state of war not just against Ukraine but possibly Western nations as well," he shared his apprehensions.
The attack also appears to bolster Putin's authority following the recent presidential elections, besides offering a chance to rally Russians against a common adversary - Ukraine. Yet, for this narrative to be effective, there must be a perception that Ukrainians were responsible for the attack. The claim made by the Islamic State does not align with the interests of the Kremlin leaders.
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