LifestyleMoonlit passion: How lunar phases might be affecting your sex life

Moonlit passion: How lunar phases might be affecting your sex life

According to astrologers, there are three moments in the month when sex is the best.
According to astrologers, there are three moments in the month when sex is the best.
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6:44 AM EST, January 28, 2024

Numerous factors, such as mood, fatigue, stress levels, and the menstrual cycle influence our desire for sex. However, according to some, the lunar cycle may also have an impact on our sexual lives.

Sex and lunar phases: the best times for intimacy

Astrologers believe that the moon's phases can affect crop yields, a woman's fertility, and the satisfaction derived from sexual activity. According to them, three particular moments in each lunar cycle are ideal for intimacy.

The new moon, during which the moon's disc is invisible, is often perceived as a time for introspection and self-discovery. However, it is also an excellent time for a date, providing an opportunity to discover a more passionate aspect of both ourselves and our partners. It's a fitting moment to experiment in the bedroom.

Similarly, the full moon evokes intense sensations. Amid this period, individuals might experience sleep disturbances or heightened nervousness. Alongside these effects, sexual excitement escalates during the full moon, potentially leading to an enhancement of erotic experiences.

The ideal time for tenderness in bed: it comes down to this day

The first phase of the moon, when it is waxing, is the moment we yearn for intimate fantasies with our loved ones and feel the urge to seduce. Intimacy during this period doesn't have to involve wild, reckless passion or constantly pushing boundaries, but rather embraces tranquil closeness and gentle mutual tenderness.

In contrast, astrologers usually do not recommend intimacy during the last quarter of the lunar cycle. This is because people tend to become more withdrawn, more easily fatigued, and require more solitude during this phase.

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