NewsMolotov attack on Latvia's Occupation Museum amid heightened security

Molotov attack on Latvia's Occupation Museum amid heightened security

Fire at the Latvian Occupation Museum in Riga
Fire at the Latvian Occupation Museum in Riga
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8:03 PM EST, February 28, 2024

An unknown assailant targeted the office of the director of the Occupation Museum of Latvia in Riga. The museum's manager, Solvita Viba, believes this was a deliberate attack. Despite the incident, she assures that the museum continues to operate normally and the exhibition remains open to the public.

According to PAP, the Latvian government has also addressed the situation. Prime Minister Evika Silina has stated that security services are closely monitoring the situation, prioritizing ensuring the security of the nation's borders and its citizens.

President Edgars Rinkeviczs has openly labeled the attack a "provocation". He expressed his hope that the police would swiftly identify and apprehend the assailant or assailants and subject them to severe punishment.

The targeted Occupation Museum of Latvia, located in Riga, has been operational for over three decades. Its exhibition pays tribute to those affected by the German occupation during World War II as well as the subsequent fifty-year Soviet occupation.

Latvia introduces restrictions

No official sources have suggested a direct provocation by Russia. However, in light of various potential provocations, Latvian authorities have enacted several regulations targeting Russia following its attack on Ukraine.

One significant measure is the ban on vehicles registered in Russia from participating in traffic, effective from February 14.

According to these regulations, individuals who fail to complete the required formalities on time may face vehicle confiscation or hefty fines. Latvian Minister of the Interior Rihards Kozlovskis emphasized that the police are not actively searching for Russian vehicles but will address reports as they come in. Transit drivers passing through Russia should not encounter issues.

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