NewsMoldova's regions divide as Gagauzia pledges allegiance to Russia

Moldova's regions divide as Gagauzia pledges allegiance to Russia

Eugenia Gutsu, the governor of Gagauzia, took a photo with a Gagauz folk group during the wine festival.
Eugenia Gutsu, the governor of Gagauzia, took a photo with a Gagauz folk group during the wine festival.
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7:54 AM EST, March 2, 2024

Moldova, a small country aspiring to join the European Union, finds itself divided by a conflict involving the Kremlin. Another region within the country has announced it aims to establish permanent cooperation with Putin's state, asserting, "With Russia, we can have much more than with anyone else," according to Gagauzia's leader, Evgenia Guțul.

Since June of the previous year, Evgenia Guțul has led the Autonomous Territory of Gagauzia, a region in Moldova's southern part, home to the Gagauz people. As the bashkan, akin to a governor, and a member of the Republic of Moldova's Council of Ministers, Guțul openly expresses her pro-Russian stance.

Guțul, affiliated with the Sor party known for its leanings towards Russia, has candidly expressed her and her party's desire for "friendship with the Russian Federation." Meeting in Moscow with the chairman of the Russian parliament's upper chamber, as Reuters reported, she voiced her grievances against her country's government, accusing it of human rights violations in her region and advocating for direct flights from Gagauzia to Moscow.

Gagauzia declares loyalty to Russia in a move towards Putin

On a recent Wednesday, Transnistria, a Russian-speaking region in the east that asserted its independence from Chisinau during the Soviet Union's dissolution, made a similar declaration of loyalty, citing a need for assistance. Transnistria hosts a Russian military garrison to this day.

Moldova's President, Maia Sandu, who is keen on steering her country nestled between Ukraine and Romania towards the European community and NATO, contends that Russia is leveraging Transnistria to exert pressure on Chisinau. Moldova is on high alert for a potential direct confrontation with Vladimir Putin.

"The current authorities in Moldova are endeavoring to sever ties with Russia, but our peoples will not be swayed. We share enduring historical connections and a partnership that has been and will continue to be mutually beneficial. Our farmers are eager to access the Russian market," Guțul remarked in Moscow.

Source: Reuters

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