NewsMoldova plans to escape Russia's grip by exiting Commonwealth, further isolating Putin

Moldova plans to escape Russia's grip by exiting Commonwealth, further isolating Putin

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
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11:22 AM EST, December 22, 2023

The Commonwealth of Independent States is an international organization made up of countries that once formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. However, not all former USSR nations are members of the CIS.

The Baltic countries, specifically Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, never expressed interest in joining the Commonwealth. Georgia exited in 2008 following the Russian invasion, and Ukraine de facto departed in 2018. Despite this, some trade and economic agreements have continued to remain in effect.

Moldova, still officially a member of the CIS, could be on the verge of departure. Politicians have indicated plans to break away from the Kremlin-led organization.

Moldova might exit the CIS, aggravating Putin

Russia persists in its efforts to control the former Soviet republics — a stance which won't sit well with Moscow given Moldova's recent declarations. Located in the watersheds of the Prut and Dniester, this small European country has no interest in existing under Russian hegemony.

According to Anton Heraszczenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Moldova plans to terminate nearly all Commonwealth of Independent States agreements by the end of 2024.

The revelation was relayed by Doina Gherman, a delegate of the Party of Action and Solidarity and head of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee during a television interview.

"We're approaching the end of the process. We aspire to conclude everything by the end of 2024. There might be minor delays, but mostly, assessments from various ministries suggest that we're nearing the conclusion of our plan. We are currently in the process of voiding the agreements signed within the CIS," stated the Moldovan parliamentarian.

It should be noted that Russia has issued threats towards Moldova on multiple occasions. In Transnistria, a part of Moldova unrecognized by most countries, Russian forces are still in position.

Putin's supposedly "ingenious" geopolitical move resulted in Finland joining NATO, Sweden is on the brink of membership, and supply chains from Russia to Western European countries are rupturing. With Moldova now fleeing the Commonwealth, what will happen next is anyone's guess.

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