NewsMoldova detains Russian agents posing as International Economic Forum attendees

Moldova detains Russian agents posing as International Economic Forum attendees

Incident at the airport in Moldova
Incident at the airport in Moldova
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6:54 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

Police officers from Moldova detained several Russian propagandists at the Chișinău airport who were trying to pose as participants in a business forum. The suspected passengers were flying from Russia directly to Moldova. The authorities have not provided an official reason for the arrest.

Russian propagandists are attempting to operate throughout Europe, inciting social unrest in many countries. Their activities are particularly notable in Moldova, which has disputed with Russia over Transnistria for years. Experts even suggest that Moldova could be the next target of a Russian military invasion after Ukraine.

Currently, the goal of the Russians is to destabilize the political and social situation. At the Chișinău airport, there was even a brawl involving Russians. Police officers at the airport detained people who were most likely Russian agents.

The suspected passengers were supposed to fly from Russia to the Chișinău airport. They explained that they were "participants of the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg" who wanted to visit Moldova.

The recording shows that the Russians resisted the authorities, and force had to be used against them. Despite the chaos and attempts to pressure the officers, the operation ultimately went smoothly, and the suspected persons were effectively detained.

Moldova has a problem with Russia

Russians have repeatedly threatened Moldova, suggesting that it could be the next target of an invasion, right after Ukraine. International experts think similarly. The anger of the Kremlin was stirred by the declaration of Moldovan Prime Minister Maia Sandu, who announced that on October 20, 2024, Moldova would hold a referendum regarding joining the European Union.

Moldovan security services warn that Russia could target the country with many hybrid attacks, including propaganda, before the referendum. Romania, which has strong historical and business ties with Moldova, is also concerned about Russia's actions.

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