NewsMoldova accuses Russia of unlawfully setting up polls in Transnistria

Moldova accuses Russia of unlawfully setting up polls in Transnistria

Moldovan authorities claim that Russian diplomats illegally printed ballots in Transnistria.
Moldovan authorities claim that Russian diplomats illegally printed ballots in Transnistria.
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1:51 PM EDT, March 14, 2024

The presidential elections in Russia are scheduled to take place from March 15 to March 17. In a move that has generated controversy, Moscow has declared it will open polling stations in the separatist region of Transnistria without the approval of the Moldovan government. The authorities in Moldova have accused Russian diplomats of unlawfully printing voting ballots.

In an interview with Reuters, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Serebrian, who oversees relations with the separatist region, stated: "It is quite probable that the ballots were produced locally (in Transnistria) to circumvent the need to transport them across the border," highlighting the stringent control over Moldova's borders which prevents the legal import of ballots.

This incident is the most recent in a series of contentious actions related to Russia's decision to establish six voting sites in Transnistria without Chisinau's permission—permitting only one electoral commission to operate within the Russian embassy in Moldova's capital.

This decision by Moscow is seen as an encroachment on Moldova's sovereignty and territorial integrity. As a result, the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs lodged a formal complaint with the Russian ambassador on Tuesday.

Unauthorized voting stations during parliamentary elections

During the ongoing presidential elections in Russia from March 15 to March 17, Vladimir Putin is in the running for another term, with his victory largely anticipated. Reuters reports that, akin to the parliamentary elections in Russia in 2021, 21 voting stations were opened in Transnistria without the consent of Chisinau.

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