AutosMitsubishi unveils new electric SUV, with a French twist

Mitsubishi unveils new electric SUV, with a French twist

Mitsubishi announced an electric SUV.
Mitsubishi announced an electric SUV.
Images source: © Mitsubishi

3:28 PM EST, December 10, 2023

Mitsubishi recently shared news of an impending launch of a new vehicle - an electric compact SUV. However, an unexpected twist is that the new model will be developed by a French partner. Those who might be thinking they know who that could be, yes, you are probably correct.

The brand's previous releases in Europe were essentially variations of popular, proven models from other manufacturers; the new ASX is essentially a Renault Captur with a different badge, and the latest generation of the Colt closely resembles the popular Clio. Despite the familiarity of these models, they've generated questions around the motivation to visit a Mitsubishi showroom. With the introduction of this new model, things might change, even if there might still be some similarities to its competitors.

The Japanese automaker announced this model as a "brand new, C-class electric SUV". Aside from this, the details were kept under wraps. A published photo teasing the silhouette and lights of the new car offered little else, except the important information that the vehicle's design would be overseen by Ampere. If you're not in tune with recent developments in the electric vehicle market, the name 'Ampere' may come as a surprise. Ampere is a company set up by Renault, tasked with developing electric vehicles for the corporation.

Although at first glance it might appear as if the upcoming Mitsubishi model for Europe will again be a replica of a Renault vehicle transformed by a logo swap, it's more likely that their connection lies in underlying technology.

Upon examination of the teaser image of the new model, it's evident that the design bears a semblance to the Xforce model (also known as the DX Concept, unveiled at the Tokyo Fair) not available in Europe. The arrangement of lights is similar, albeit slightly different, hinting at their lineage to the same family. Considering Mitsubishi's track record of developing interesting cars in Asia, it's exciting to envision what character this new electric SUV might bring.

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