NewsDeadly firepit blast: 12 Russian marines lose lives in training accident

Deadly firepit blast: 12 Russian marines lose lives in training accident

Explosion at the Russian training ground
Explosion at the Russian training ground
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1:28 PM EST, November 30, 2023

Twelve contract soldiers from Vladivostok were killed during a training exercise in Russia's Rostov Region. According to Russian media, the explosion happened when the soldiers kindled a fire near stored grenade rounds, with one accidentally falling into the fire, leading to the detonation.

An informant speaking to the portal described how roughly 20 soldiers from the naval infantry brigade started a fire near ammunition boxes containing RPG-7 grenade rounds. "One of the shells fell into the fire and exploded," a soldier acquainted with the situation disclosed.

Immediate death of eight soldiers

As per the report from, eight soldiers lost their lives instantly, with a further eight injured, out of which four later succumbed to their injuries at the hospital. All casualties were contract soldiers stationed in Vladivostok.

Official investigation under way

The explosion took place on November 3rd. The publishing office got wind of the incident the following day but was unable to verify these reports. Only by the end of November could this information be confirmed through several sources, including law enforcement agencies, military, and investigative bodies.

Additionally, the Main Department of the Military Investigation Commission is investigating the circumstances surrounding the explosion. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is also pursuing an explanatory procedure. Officially, no statements regarding the explosion at the training ground have been made by either the authorities or the Ministry of Defense.

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