LifestyleMiss Nepal Jane Garrett challenges conventional beauty standards

Miss Nepal Jane Garrett challenges conventional beauty standards

Jane inspires women all over the world.
Jane inspires women all over the world.
Images source: © Instagram | jadedipika_
3:01 PM EST, November 29, 2023

Miss Nepal has erupted in popularity on the internet. Jane Dipika Garrett, a 23-year-old plus-size model, first made headlines in her home country before representing it at the Miss Universe contest. Although she didn't make the cut for the final round, her participation garnered her a huge following and became an inspiration for women globally.

Beauty contests traditionally promote slim figures and uphold conventional beauty standards. However, recent years have seen a shift in this narrative. The best demonstration of this change is 23-year-old Jane Dipika Garrett, the plus-size model who clinched the Miss Nepal title and competed in the Miss Universe contest.

Miss Nepal Defies Stereotypes

Jane Dipika Garrett, being the first plus-size Miss Nepal, not only embodies body diversity but also broadcasts a potent message about self-confidence, positive thinking and embracing one's physicality.

Garrett encourages women globally to accept and love themselves, regardless of their size. She's proud of her efforts to challenge social stereotypes.

Broad fanbase after Miss Universe contest

Jane Dipika Garrett represented Nepal in the recent Miss Universe contest held in San Salvador. Despite Nicaraguan representative Sheynnis Palacios taking the crown, Jane stood out among hundreds of hopefuls, making it to the top twenty most beautiful contestants.

Her participation in the Miss Universe contest sparked widespread attention, resulting in a rapidly growing fan base for Jane Dipika Garrett.

"A walking beauty, bound to conquer the world. Chase your dreams!" ; "Flawless! Challenging stereotypes. The crown is yours!" ; "Her confidence is admirable; I love it!" were among the comments under her photo.

Jane has motivated many women to feel comfortable in their own bodies. "She's illustrating that everyone is beautiful. She broke stereotypes that shouldn't have existed. Fear of public opinion often dissuades us from pursuing dreams. Jane urged us not to let that happen anymore," remarked an internet user.

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