LifestyleMiscommunication or misunderstanding? Tourist's restaurant bill woes

Miscommunication or misunderstanding? Tourist's restaurant bill woes

She ordered crab at the restaurant. She saw the bill and almost fainted.
She ordered crab at the restaurant. She saw the bill and almost fainted.
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10:36 AM EST, November 8, 2023

A Japanese tourist was taken aback when she received the bill for her crab dish at a Singaporean restaurant. The astronomical amount nearly drove her to faint.

Visits to reputable restaurants often deliver exceptional culinary experiences. However, for one Japanese tourist in Singapore, this experience transformed into an expensive surprise. She ordered a crab dish at a restaurant and, upon seeing the bill, almost fainted. Did she really not know the cost of the meal or was there a misunderstanding? Let's delve into the details of this disputed situation.

Tourist: "The price was not properly communicated"

The Japanese tourist, Junko Shinba, chose to dine at the Seafood Paradise restaurant in Singapore with friends. She ordered an Alaskan King Crab with chili, a dish suggested by the waiter.

Shinba stated that the meal's pricing was not adequately conveyed to her. The waiter quoted a price of 20 dollars for the dish but didn't clarify that this cost was for 3.5 ounces.

The patron and her group were served a significantly larger portion than they could eat: around 7.7 pounds. As a result, they were billed an exorbitant 680 dollars.

The customer was left aghast by the total on the bill and called the police. The authorities arrived at the restaurant where, after discussions with the owner, they managed to secure Shinba a discount of about 78 dollars.

Case has been referred to the Consumer Association

Junko Shinba reached out to the Singapore Tourism Board regarding her experience, prompting them to redirect her case to the Singapore Consumer Association. Could this lead to further clarification on the matter and the assignment of blame for the mishap?

Ordering at a restaurant is not merely about selecting dishes—it also requires trust in the staff and clear understanding of prices. This incident provides a clear opportunity for the restaurant to enhance communication with its customers and avoid similar predicaments in the future.

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