SportsMiracle survival: MMA fighter falls from 10th floor attempting to save a cat, career in jeopardy

Miracle survival: MMA fighter falls from 10th floor attempting to save a cat, career in jeopardy

In the photo: Magomed Zainalow
In the photo: Magomed Zainalow
Images source: © Youtube
9:29 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Already predicted excellent prospects in mixed martial arts, Zainalov's future in the sport is now in question due to this unfortunate event.

According to the report from, Zainalov's fall occurred in Rostov-on-Don while attempting to save a terrified cat, losing his balance in the process. His survival, however, was nothing short of a miracle.

Landing on a car undoubtedly saved Zainalov's life. Russian media reports that his injuries were confined to broken legs and a fractured pelvis.

The accident has stirred considerable debate, with some skeptics doubting the authenticity of the claim that the mixed martial arts athlete was actually trying to save a scared cat.

"I spoke with Magomed's wife. According to her, he was completely sober when the incident occurred. We are waiting for him to recuperate and share his side of the story, that will give us clarity on what actually happened," - Vitaliy Tarasov, the fighter's manager, told Sports24.

It has been reported that Zainalov is conscious, his condition is stable, and he is under continuous medical supervision. Understandably, his scheduled fight with Eduard Kuzminov at the Hardkor FC 85 gala on February 2nd was cancelled.

An intense video clip showing Zainalov lying in a pool of blood emerged online. However, due to its graphic nature, we have decided not to publish it.

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