NewsMiracle at Istanbul: FedEx plane makes emergency 'Belly Down' landing

Miracle at Istanbul: FedEx plane makes emergency 'Belly Down' landing

Emergency landing. The plane stopped "on its belly".
Emergency landing. The plane stopped "on its belly".
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11:51 AM EDT, May 8, 2024

At the Istanbul airport, a FedEx Boeing 767 cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to issues with its landing gear. The aircraft "nosedived" onto the runway, but thankfully, there were no casualties.

While operating on the Paris-Istanbul route, the Boeing 767 faced unforeseen complications. As reported by, a malfunction in the landing gear necessitated a "belly down" landing. The pilots promptly informed the Istanbul airport control tower, seeking authorization for the emergency landing.

The airport swiftly enacted emergency protocols in light of the event. Fire and Rescue teams were immediately sent to the runway, bracing for the challenging landing.

Seamless Emergency Landing

In the face of this critical situation, the crew successfully executed the intricate "belly down" landing. The aircraft made a safe touchdown, with neither the crew nor the cargo suffering any harm. This incident occurred on runway 16R at the Istanbul airport, leading to its brief shutdown to facilitate the plane's removal.

The airport authority is actively investigating the cause of the landing gear failure to enhance the safety and operational efficacy at the airport.

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