LifestyleMind-bending challenge: can you find 10 hidden faces?

Mind-bending challenge: can you find 10 hidden faces?

The puzzle comes from "The Duluth Herald" from 1914.
The puzzle comes from "The Duluth Herald" from 1914.
Images source: © "Times of India"

4:35 PM EST, November 17, 2023

Optical illusions are an incredibly popular puzzles. They offer internet users a chance to relax and exercise their minds. This one originated over a century ago.

Internet-goers often engage with optical illusions, puzzles, and attention tests. Some even use these activities as a form of personality diagnosis. More often, these are seen as a form of brain training.

Among optical illusion puzzles, the favorites usually involve finding hidden objects in illustrations or identifying anomalies within the images.

A challenging optical illusion for brain training

One optical illusion that has been trending online is surprisingly over a century old. As reported by "Times of India," it's based on an image published in "The Duluth Herald" back in 1914. The task requires the user to locate ten hidden faces within the image - an objective that can be made more challenging by trying to find them all under 30 seconds.

The picture contains 10 faces.
The picture contains 10 faces.© "Times of India"

To succeed in this puzzle, one needs to pay close attention to even the smallest details. Often, the longer you examine the image, the more details you may find. It may prove surprising even for the most perceptive individuals.

Here is the solution to the puzzle.
Here is the solution to the puzzle.© The Duluth Herald

The advantages of solving puzzles?

Scientific studies suggest that solving riddles and puzzles has numerous benefits for mental health. "The Sun" reports that experts from FreshersLive have identified a few specific perks of engaging in these cognitive activities.

Primarily, puzzles stimulate the mind, improve memory, enhance problem-solving skills, alleviate stress, boost mood, and increase productivity. Furthermore, they are excellent tools for maintaining focus and encouraging mental engagement.

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