NewsMike Pompeo insists Ukraine has nothing to fear if Trump wins upcoming election

Mike Pompeo insists Ukraine has nothing to fear if Trump wins upcoming election

Donald Trump might win the election. What will happen to Ukraine?
Donald Trump might win the election. What will happen to Ukraine?
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7:55 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Gordon reminded his interviewees that Ukraine is eagerly awaiting the results of the presidential elections in the United States. Ukrainians express concerns that if Donald Trump were to secure a potential win, he could potentially deprive them of assistance by striking an agreement with Vladimir Putin.

Mike Pompeo assured that Ukraine does not need to fear a prospective Donald Trump presidency. The former CIA chief reminded that during Trump's first term, he made the decision to supply defensive weaponry to Ukraine when the nation was not fully engaged in a large-scale war.

"Even though you're worried about Trump coming into power again, the disaster that befell Ukrainians during the invasion didn't occur during Trump's term. This fact must be remembered, but people tend to forget. They put their trust in social media, and not the actual events that took place," stated Mike Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo emphasized that during Donald Trump's tenure at the White House, he managed to "curb Vladimir Putin" from going to war, and as soon as he left office, "everything was lost".

"We must provide Ukraine with the resources it needs and allow it to achieve the most important thing: to impose sufficient costs on Putin to force him to change his plans. We all know how to do that," added Trump's associate.

Mike Pompeo Discusses Mistakes Made by America and Europe

Gordon asked Pompeo, drawing from his extensive experience, to forecast the likely duration of the war in Ukraine and its possible conclusion. The ex-CIA chief admitted it all hinges on whether the world will provide appropriate support to Ukraine and will not make the Ukrainians "dependent on the provided aid".

"One thing I regret is that although the USA and Europe have done tremendous work helping the Ukrainians, we have also imposed restrictions on them," Pompeo said.

He further emphasized the need to not just equip Ukraine with the right tools, but also to permit them the freedom to "impose such high costs on Putin that he changes". Pompeo clarified that he is not talking about "internal change," but a "change of plans towards Ukraine".

"We all know how it can be done, and I am hopeful it will happen as soon as possible," assured Mike Pompeo.

The discussion also touched upon the issue of the blocked aid package for Ukraine in the US Congress. Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick assured that the package will be approved. "Next week, we'll gain clarity when I discuss the matter with the speaker about his intentions. Following his response, we'll then react accordingly," confirmed the congressman.

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