Tips&TricksMicrosoft's Ctrl replacement. The Copilot AI key that could revolutionize your keyboard

Microsoft's Ctrl replacement. The Copilot AI key that could revolutionize your keyboard

Copilot Key.
Copilot Key.
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3:57 AM EST, January 8, 2024

Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates in 1975, rapidly became one of the world's biggest tech corporations within a decade. It specializes in producing operating systems and office software.

Yusuf Mehdi, the Executive Vice President, announced that the company is initiating a shift in keyboard design this year. Copilot, their AI virtual assistant, is set to replace the well-known CTRL button. This marks the first significant keyboard alteration in 30 years.

From CTRL to Copilot: The dawn of Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of the Copilot key is a remarkable change. As a virtual assistant, Copilot can assist in responding to emails, writing essays, and even creating Instagram reels. This tool, guided by simple commands, lets users swiftly create graphic and text content with artificial intelligence.

Microsoft's Executive Vice President, Yusuf Mehdi, perceives this transformation as groundbreaking. He believes this feature would simplify computer usage and make it more enjoyable. The debut of the keyboards featuring Copilot is expected at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, scheduled for next week.

Change sweeps the computing world

Employing the GPT-4 OpenAI, the most popular artificial intelligence-based software, Copilot has already been assimilated with Word, PowerPoint, and Teams. This application lifts computer usage to a new dimension, enabling artificial intelligence to compile reports and meeting summaries, construct presentations, draft emails, and create simple graphics for its users.

Microsoft representatives assert that this advancement would facilitate day-to-day tasks. The production of the new keyboards is anticipated to commence this year. They will accompany the latest computers running Windows 11. In certain countries, including Poland, they will be available a few months post-launch.

Introducing a new Copilot key for Windows 11 PCs

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