TechMicrosoft revamps Windows 11 File Explorer with new tab system

Microsoft revamps Windows 11 File Explorer with new tab system

Microsoft revamps Windows 11 File Explorer with new tab system
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8:06 AM EDT, May 20, 2024

Microsoft is once again making changes to the Windows 11 File Explorer. In the beta test release for insiders, new tabs appeared in the quick access menu. These tabs make accessing recently used, favorite, and network-shared documents easier.

The website Neowin highlights these changes in Windows 11 File Explorer, citing a post by user PhantomOcean3 on X. This user has previously discovered several hidden features in test versions. The new File Explorer is observed in Beta build 22635.3640 and is disabled by default. Interestingly, the new view in File Explorer will be horizontally split, aiming to improve navigation and provide quicker access to frequently used files.

It appears that the additional split in Windows 11 File Explorer will only be available in the "Home" tab. It is already possible to display recent and favorite files in a less visually appealing list form. The new horizontal tab split may facilitate quicker access to needed documents in Windows 11.

It is difficult to definitively state whether this modification will make it to the stable version of Windows 11 since we are dealing with a test edition of this system. However, it seems likely that Microsoft will implement it with the release of Windows 11 version 24H2, which should appear in the year's second half. Users who do not want to risk errors should, therefore, wait for Microsoft to officially introduce this feature.

Following the release of information about changes to File Explorer on X, users are pointing out that Microsoft should first address other interface elements that originate from earlier versions of Windows. Examples include the properties window for folders or files, which has not been visually modernized for many years.

What additional changes does Microsoft plan to introduce in Windows 11?

In 2024, Microsoft plans to introduce many new features and improvements in Windows 11. The 24H2 update will focus on integrating artificial intelligence and improving the Windows Copilot function, which will operate as an independent application window, allowing users to move and minimize it freely. File Explorer will receive a new "Shared" section, the ability to create archives in formats such as 7zip and TAR, and improved performance in opening large ZIP files. Quick Settings on the taskbar will be redesigned to be more intuitive, and Wi-Fi Direct will improve file transfer speeds between devices.

Moreover, the update will bring new features to improve connectivity with mobile devices and enhancements to the Phone Link app, allowing the phone to be used as a webcam for the PC. Microsoft will also introduce the Voice Clarity feature, which is available on all supported devices, and improve energy-saving options by introducing a new "Energy Saver" mode.

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