TechMicrosoft pushes users towards online accounts, quietly removes guide

Microsoft pushes users towards online accounts, quietly removes guide

Windows on the laptop
Windows on the laptop
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10:09 AM EDT, June 25, 2024

Microsoft is trying to steer Windows users away from using local accounts and encourage them to create online accounts. However, these changes are going too far. Recently, the tech giant removed a page that explained how users could easily switch to a local account.

In Windows 10 and 11, users can choose between Microsoft online and local accounts. A Microsoft account is the recommended form of logging in; it allows for synchronization of settings, files, and applications between different devices and access to online services like OneDrive and Microsoft Store.

Many users, however, opt for using a local account, which, although lacking synchronization features or access to certain online services, provides greater privacy and control over data. Additionally, a regional account may be easier to manage for those who prefer traditional methods of logging in and storing data exclusively on their device.

Microsoft is steering users away from local accounts

Microsoft has recommended online accounts for seamless integration of Microsoft services, enhanced security capabilities, and device synchronization. Despite this, the system developers prepared a guide explaining how to convert an online account to a local account—at least, that was the case until now.

It appears that Microsoft plans to steer users away from this option. The TechSpot editorial team noticed that the guide on Microsoft and local accounts was recently modified. The new guide now only contains instructions on switching from a local account to a Microsoft account, removing instructions on converting a Microsoft account to a local one.

It's still possible to change a Microsoft account to a local account

Microsoft’s changes aim to discourage users from using local accounts and persuade them to use online accounts; however, the conversion option is still available.

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