TechMicrosoft has released a groundbreaking AI tool FOR FREE. Servers quickly went down

Microsoft has released a groundbreaking AI tool FOR FREE. Servers quickly went down

"Image generated by DALL-E 3"
"Image generated by DALL-E 3"
Images source: © Bing Image Creator

7:41 AM EDT, October 3, 2023, updated: 9:01 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

You can use DALL-E 3 even before its official debut and it's completely free. At least in financial terms, because the currency is time. A lot of time.

On September 20, the company OpenAI (yes, the one behind ChatGPT) announced a completely new mechanism for generating images. DALL-E 3, as it is called, is set to be released to the users of the ChatGPT Plus service, priced at approximately 20$ per month, in October.

Microsoft decided to prepare a nice surprise for its users and announced just after the presentation that the process of integrating the DALL-E 3 algorithm with its free tool, Bing Image Creator, had begun. It took just over a week and was completed even before OpenAI itself had a chance to release the tool as part of a paid subscription.

The free DALL-E 3 fried Microsoft's servers. Bing's image creator is barely functioning

"We know that the generation of DALL-E 3.0 is now taking longer than usual. We expected high interest, but we didn't expect THIS," wrote Mikhail Parakhin on X (former Twitter). The head of Microsoft's internet services added that the server room will soon be enriched with new graphic chips, which should improve the service's operating speed.

When I launched the Bing Image Creator on Sunday evening and entered the first command, a message about extended waiting time appeared, and I only saw the finished graphics after several hours. Previously, it took no more than a few dozen seconds.

At the time of publishing the article (October 2nd), generating new images takes from several to tens of minutes. However, it is not clear whether Microsoft has managed to expand its server room according to its promise, or whether a significant portion of users have already given up and the interest in the service has decreased.

Either way, for a free tool, the results are really impressive and it's definitely worth the wait. Below are a few examples of graphics I generated.

"A young woman is taking a selfie with a smartphone in her hand. Pink blouse, purple pants, white hair. In the background are skyscrapers and fire":

Image generated by DALL-E 3
Image generated by DALL-E 3© Bing Image Creator

"Godzilla in a Santa Claus outfit is walking the streets of Warsaw. Photorealistic graphics, bokeh effect, orange-teal filter":

"Image generated by DALL-E 3"
"Image generated by DALL-E 3"© Bing Image Creator

"A snail with a green shell on the handle of a purple lightsaber. Macro photo, forest scenery":

Image generated by DALL-E 3
Image generated by DALL-E 3© Bing Image Creator

You can use the Bing Image Creator on this page or from the Bing mobile app. Optionally, you can also issue the command to generate graphics to the Bing AI chat.

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