TechMicrosoft Build 2024 Conference to focus on artificial intelligence and Copilot in Windows 11

Microsoft Build 2024 Conference to focus on artificial intelligence and Copilot in Windows 11

Microsoft announced the Build conference.
Microsoft announced the Build conference.
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8:51 AM EST, February 15, 2024

The focus of this year's Microsoft Build Conference will largely be on artificial intelligence and Copilot in Windows 11. This isn't unexpected, given the present popularity of AI across various software and Microsoft's concerted efforts promoting Copilot. Notably, a new button designed to enhance AI usage in Windows 11 will be introduced on keyboards for the first time in decades.

Historical precedence indicates that the Microsoft Build Conference consistently provides valuable insights regarding future alterations in Windows and other Microsoft software. This May, we look forward to learning about the new trajectories for AI development within the system and how it extends into the office suite and cloud solutions. Indeed, such information could unveil a fresher perspective on further Windows development, especially given the recent changes in the development branches under the Insider program.

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