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NewsMexican authorities dismantle Cancun travel agency front for drug cartel and extortion racket

Mexican authorities dismantle Cancun travel agency front for drug cartel and extortion racket

Arrested members of the Mexican drug gang
Arrested members of the Mexican drug gang
Images source: © Attorney General of the State Quintana Roo
12:11 PM EST, February 14, 2024

On Monday, Mexican prosecutors declared the apprehension of 23 gang members. They were accused of operating a counterfeit travel agency in Cancun, which camouflaged their illicit drug dealings.

The criminals were also engaged in extortion and had their operations shielded by an array of motorcycle taxis and underage individuals who served as lookouts or "plants".

The gang maintained a hotline where they promised tourists sports equipment and tour packages, which were never delivered. A clandestine drug transaction operation was conducted on the second floor of their premises, where they processed drug orders via phone and made deliveries using motorcycles.

The authorities revealed that on January 29, the dismembered remains of five individuals were found in one of the taxis. An additional three corpses were discovered in a grave, with only one of the bodies being identifiable.

This is not the only crackdown that has taken place in recent days in and around the renowned Mexican resort, which is a popular destination for Polish tourists as well.

A man was also apprehended in Cancun, known for peddling drugs via social media and receiving merchandise, most likely, delivered by a motorcycle gang of minors.

Just last week, an American woman and a man from Belize fell victim to a fatal shooting, presumably resulting from a dispute between drug dealers, at a beach club in Tulum, another party hotspot situated not too far from Cancun.

Investigators propose that the slain man was likely involved in drug trafficking, as drugs were found on his person. The American woman was apparently unassociated with the alleged drug dealer, an unfortunate bystander who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The assailants remain at large.

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