NewsMeta ends Facebook fundraisers in Europe, shifts to external links

Meta ends Facebook fundraisers in Europe, shifts to external links

Meta will disable the fundraising feature
Meta will disable the fundraising feature
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2:13 PM EDT, April 30, 2024

After seven years, fundraisers will no longer be available on Facebook. Meta has recently announced a significant change that will require European users to utilize external websites for fundraising activities. This adjustment is slated to take effect in July 2024, marking a significant shift in how charitable activities are conducted on the platform.

According to an official statement from Meta’s press office, Instagram will also remove the ability to initiate direct fundraisers.

Facebook Fundraisers Come to an End

In a notable change of direction, Meta plans to discontinue its fundraising features within the European Economic Area (EEA), significantly impacting users, including those in Poland. The company’s press office highlights a strategic shift aimed at empowering a broader array of non-profit organizations to grow their donor base.

Starting July 1, 2024, charitable organizations in the EEA must guide potential donors towards their websites to make contributions. This marks a return to the pre-2017 fundraising approach. Nevertheless, Meta has confirmed that it will continue to support the sharing of links to external fundraisers.

Meta has not disclosed the reasons behind this strategic pivot. However, several tech media note that in its first year of operation in the USA, Facebook’s direct fundraising tools helped generate an impressive $300 million.

Rethinking the "Donate" Button

Meta is also re-evaluating the functionality of its "Donate" button, with plans to enhance its utility. The company is looking into innovative ways to make external fundraising links more appealing, aiming to boost user engagement with charitable organizations.

This development follows recent discussions around Meta’s introduction of fees for ad-free Facebook and Instagram usage. Starting in November, European Union, EEA, and Switzerland users must subscribe to a monthly fee to avoid ads. The cost is 9.99 euros (around $11) for desktop users and 12.99 euros (approximately $14) for mobile device users.

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