SportsMessi's Miami magic: Heartwarming chat with fans at traffic light

Messi's Miami magic: Heartwarming chat with fans at traffic light

The photo shows Lionel Messi
The photo shows Lionel Messi
Images source: © Licensor | Carmen Mandato, Getty Images

6:09 PM EDT, May 28, 2024

Ever since his transfer to the United States, Leo Messi has been winning the hearts of local fans. Recently, a few of them had the chance to chat with their idol under rather unusual circumstances.

Leo Messi is in his second season playing for American club Inter Miami, which is owned by the famous David Beckham. The Argentine still shows his magic on the field. To put it into perspective, he has scored 12 goals and made 11 assists in 13 matches across all competitions.

Messi joined Inter Miami in July of last year. The transfer of one of the greatest footballers in history caused a sensation across the United States, with stadiums filling up with fans eager to see the legendary player in action. Recently, some lucky fans had the opportunity for a brief chat with the Argentine while waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Last weekend, Inter Miami won 2-1 in an away game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Messi, however, was not included in the squad this time and stayed in Miami. Social media circulated a recording showing Messi stopping his car near a group of fans' vehicle and starting a casual conversation with them.

The Argentine rolled down his car window and exchanged a few words with the fans. Their Spanish-language chat turned out to be about... children. Messi asked his conversation partners if their sons played soccer.

The fans confirmed that their children play in the U-14 team. In response, Messi pointed to his son sitting next to him and mentioned that Thiago plays in the U-12 team. The brief conversation brought the Argentine a lot of joy, as he smiled cheerfully at his fans and then, together with his son, waved them goodbye. His fans will surely remember this short incident for a long time.

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