EntertainmentMessi the Dog Unleashes Drama and Laughter at the Oscars

Messi the Dog Unleashes Drama and Laughter at the Oscars

Messi's dog at the Oscars
Messi's dog at the Oscars
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2:19 PM EDT, March 11, 2024

Despite generating controversy, live animals continue to play roles in Hollywood movies, achieving fame comparable to their human counterparts. One memorable example is Pal, a German Shepherd who played the iconic Lassie. Currently, the canine sensation from overseas making waves is Messi.

A dog's mishap at the Oscars

Messi, a border collie who starred in the film "The Anatomy of Fall," nominated for numerous awards including the Oscar, naturally attended the film industry's most prestigious awards ceremony. His pre-Oscars activities also included attending the nominees' lunch.

Messi's attendance at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles caught the attention of Jimmy Kimmel, the ceremony's host.

Messi might have delivered the performance of the year, despite being a dog, Kimmel joked.

It remains unclear if Kimmel's humor was directed at Messi's on-screen performance or the amusing incident on the same day on the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, where Messi relieved himself on Matt Damon's star, an event captured by ABC station cameras.

Jimmy Kimmel's ongoing jests at Matt Damon

The question arises: why would Kimmel find delight in such an incident? It's well-known that there has been a longstanding playful tension between the two men, involving much public ribbing. At this year's Oscars, Kimmel also took a moment to tease his "colleague" about his absence, suggesting it was due to being the only cast member not to receive a nomination for his role in "Oppenheimer," despite the film winning the night's most coveted award for best movie.

Messi's dog in salons
Messi's dog in salons© Getty Images | 2024 Amanda Edwards
Messi's dog in the drawing rooms
Messi's dog in the drawing rooms© Getty Images | 2024 Amanda Edwards
Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel© Getty Images | 2024 Getty Images
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