NewsMercenaries arrive in occupied Oleshky, Kherson region: Reports by Tatar-Ukrainian resistance group

Mercenaries arrive in occupied Oleshky, Kherson region: Reports by Tatar-Ukrainian resistance group

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
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3:30 PM EST, February 24, 2024

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Atesh reported on Telegram that these mercenaries were accommodated in the local cultural house this Saturday.

"They are reported to be an elite unit, equipped with brand new, sophisticated uniforms and gear. Sightings of them moving around in heavily armored vehicles and trucks bearing hieroglyphic markings have been reported," the partisans post stated.

"The occupiers are actively recruiting mercenaries from around the world: Africa, Central and Far Asia, and even South America. This is a clear indicator that the Russians are struggling to motivate their own troops to fight for their 'Russian peace' in Ukraine," Atesh commented.

"We will make these mercenaries regret coming to Ukraine!" they ended with a firm warning.

Atesh maintains effectiveness over months

The Ukrainian-Tatar resistance movement, Atesh, has been active in Russia, Crimea, and other Ukrainian territories occupied by the Kremlin. Its first successful partisan operations, reported in February 2023, involved blowing up a car in which two officers of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardiya) were travelling.

In the subsequent months, Atesh repeatedly reported their collaboration with the Ukrainian army in striking enemy targets, including those in Crimea. The partisans emphasized on their network of agents inside enemy lines, including in the Black Sea Fleet.

Source: Espreso/Telegram/PAP

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