AutosMercedes CLK GTR Roadster for sale. One of only six units available

Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster for sale. One of only six units available

Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster
Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster
Images source: © Press materials | RM Sotheby's

6:36 PM EST, November 18, 2023

The CLK GTR holds a distinguished place in Mercedes' history, known widely for its spectacular design and exclusivity. Each variant has a unique appeal, but the roadster version, with just six units ever made, is truly extraordinary. As it happens, one of these rare models is currently on the market.

The Mercedes CLK GTR is aptly described as a "race car for the road." Designed originally to comply with the homologation requirements for the FIA GT championships, this vehicle manages to combine track functionality with luxury amenities. It's a race car bolstered by comforts like a leather interior, air conditioning, and a radio - extras that make it suitable for everyday use.

While most models maintain the original complete body, there are only six units that were made roofless. One of these exclusive vehicles is now being auctioned by RM Sotheby's. What makes this car particularly tempting is its mint condition and its extremely low mileage of approximately 105 miles.

The CLK GTR's stunning bodywork, fashioned from aluminum and carbon fiber, is just as impressive now as it was at its inception. Underneath this sleek exterior revs a monstrous 6.9-liter, twelve-cylinder engine delivering 630 horsepower and a peak torque of 539 lb-ft. These specifications, which remain impressive today, must have been mind-boggling in 1997.

Currently housed in the USA, this car is valued at approximately $13 million. While the price tag may seem steep, it's unlikely there will be a deficit of interested buyers considering the rarity of this item.

  • Mercedes CLK GTR
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  • Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster
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