LifestyleMenopause myths busted: Women enjoy better erotic life post-50

Menopause myths busted: Women enjoy better erotic life post-50

More and more women are still enjoying successful sex after menopause.
More and more women are still enjoying successful sex after menopause.
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9:19 PM EDT, June 2, 2024

Menopause is a difficult time for many women, not only due to the accompanying physical ailments. Some believe it also marks the end of their sexual activity, although more and more women are breaking these stereotypes.

Menopause is a physiological transitional period in every woman's life, ending the reproductive age and starting the aging process. Naturally, ovarian activity begins to decline, estrogen levels drop, and often libido does as well.

Many women experience mood swings and sudden feelings of heat. Due to the changes that often occur in the body and the greater difficulty in losing unnecessary pounds, the sense of attractiveness also decreases. This additionally overwhelms some women, causing them to start giving up on sex.

Successful sex after menopause

According to anti-ageism activist and menopause educator Aleksandra Laudańska, who spoke with Wysokie Obcasy, she faced many ailments during menopause, such as body pain, decreased libido, and vaginal dryness. Her figure changed, which affected her self-confidence.

– I like myself curvier, I like my bigger breasts, but during perimenopause, a belly appears, which is extremely difficult to lose. It doesn’t suit me – she said.

The "Wysokie Obcasy" interviewee admitted that hormone therapy prescribed by a gynecologist helped with her menopausal ailments. Support also came from a younger partner. She added that although she once preferred fast, spontaneous sex, her encounters now last significantly longer and are more sensual. As she mentioned, she now "experiences multiple orgasms."

The second interviewee also opted for hormone therapy. She admitted that the end of menstruation and the lack of risk of pregnancy were a relief, and sex – as she stated – "became even better than before."

Hormonal support

As gynecology and obstetrics specialist Agnieszka Nalewczynska explained, quoted by "Wysokie Obcasy," a drop in estrogen causes vaginal dryness. This, in turn, affects the quality of intercourse and can lead to abrasions and injuries, consequently leading to frequent infections.

– A large number of patients will say goodbye to the problem of vaginal dryness thanks to menopausal hormone therapy. Those in whom atrophy continues to persist should take hormones not only systemically but also vaginally – she said.

Additionally, the expert mentioned that urogynecological physiotherapy might be helpful, and aesthetic gynecology in specific cases.

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