LifestyleMen, listen up! Dating coach shares top mistakes you're making and how to correct them

Men, listen up! Dating coach shares top mistakes you're making and how to correct them

Blaine has advice for inexperienced men.
Blaine has advice for inexperienced men.
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2:42 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Blaine manages the Instagram account, "datingbyblaine". She reveals that she's assisted more than 1500 men over the past decade. Her brief video addressing common mistakes by "inexperienced men" on dates has garnered considerable attention.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, she defines"inexperienced men" as individuals who either haven't previously been in romantic relationships with women or those who harbor self-doubt due to previous negative experiences with women.

The rules are simple

Firstly, Blaine mentions that a man should avoid becoming too emotionally tied too quickly. It's not concerning the desire to meet daily but rather about inundating someone with constant messages.

"It is best to limit the number of sent messages and arrange to meet in person as quickly as possible," advises Blaine in her interview with BuzzFeed.

Another issue is hiding emotions. Assuming either the role of a shy guy or a confident flirt who contradicts everything a woman says is ill-advised.

Overanalyzing everything also poses a problem. For instance, if a woman says "OK", it can mean "OK" and not require a more profound interpretation.

Lastly and importantly, being absent is a problem. Even if a woman seems like the ideal partner and the date circumstances are perfect, this counts for naught if the man fails to be present at the moment.

Blaine's profile teems with advice for inexperienced and experienced men in relationships. She also shares insights on which women to avoid and how to discern when a relationship veers off course.

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