US NewsMelania Trump's Turmoil: From Fury to calling Trial 'Unfair'

Melania Trump's Turmoil: From Fury to calling Trial 'Unfair'

Melania Trump will not be a witness in her husband's trial?
Melania Trump will not be a witness in her husband's trial?
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8:37 PM EDT, April 18, 2024

When Melania Trump discovered her husband's affair with an adult film actress, she was reportedly "furious." Now, the former First Lady seems to believe that her husband's trial is "unfair." However, whether the 53-year-old will testify in Donald Trump's trial is uncertain.

On April 15, a Monday in the United States, a criminal trial against Donald Trump commenced, marking the first such case against a former U.S. president. The trial pertains to the covert transfer of money to porn star Stormy Daniels, who was, in return, supposed to keep silent.

During the trial's first day at the state court in Manhattan, the former First Lady of the U.S., Melania Trump, was absent. According to a Tuesday report by the "New York Times," Trump's wife has long regarded the issue related to Daniels as "his problem, not hers."

Melania Trump on her husband's trial

The "New York Times" reported that in 2018, upon learning about the money given to Stormy Daniels, Melania supposedly flew into a rage. This sudden outburst led her to cancel a joint trip with Trump to Switzerland.

Instead, Melania Trump made an unannounced visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., followed by a trip to the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Upon her return to the nation's capital, she attended the State of the Union address, but she arrived at the Capitol separately, not with her husband.

Will Melania Trump participate in her husband's election campaign?

According to the New York newspaper, citing sources close to the former First Lady, Melania is believed to view her husband's trial as "scandalous" and "unfair." At the opening of the case on Monday, it was noted that the former president's wife might testify during the proceedings. Trump's former press secretary, Stephanie Grisham mentioned that the 53-year-old's stance could impact the Republican party's prospects in the presidential elections.

Since leaving the White House in 2021, Melania Trump has hesitated to make public appearances. The "New York Times" pointed out that she is fully aware of the "real chance of becoming the First Lady of the USA again." Meanwhile, CNN has reported that the woman is focusing on her 18-year-old son, Barron, who will graduate from high school in the spring of 2024. Additionally, some U.S. media believe that Melania is still grieving her mother's death, which might cause her to withdraw from her husband's election campaign.

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