EntertainmentMeghan Markle stirs royal intrigue with strawberry jam launch

Meghan Markle stirs royal intrigue with strawberry jam launch

Meghan Markle officially started the battle for... jams
Meghan Markle officially started the battle for... jams
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Ignacy Węgrzyn
12:18 PM EDT, April 20, 2024

Meghan Markle has ventured into the business world, launching strawberry jam as her inaugural product. This move parallels her father-in-law's long-standing involvement in a similar venture. Prince Harry's spouse has ignited what could be dubbed a royal jam feud.

It's undeniable that Meghan Markle has frequently demonstrated an adeptness at generating media hype around her ventures. Amidst the uproar several weeks ago, spurred by a regretfully altered photo of Kate Middleton, Prince Harry's partner chose to "discreetly" reveal her latest initiative on social media, teasingly dubbed the "American Riviera Orchard brand".

The timing of the announcement of Duchess Meghan's entrepreneurial endeavour coincided precisely with the media disclosure. This day also witnessed the ceremony of the Princess Diana Award, a selection of date experts believe was far from coincidental on the part of the king's younger son's cherished spouse.

Meghan sees herself as a successor to Diana, facing the same intense media scrutiny that Diana did. However, critics argue that she is exploiting Diana's legacy for personal gain, according to British royal family commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, who spoke to The Mirror magazine.

Meghan Markle unveils her brand's debut product. Would King Charles approve?

The world awaited Meghan Markle's unveiling of her brand's first offering, which was revealed to be strawberry jam. Recently, limited edition jars were distributed to the couple’s friends, who then showcased the gifts on social media, sparking quite a stir. This marked the official commencement of the royal jam-off.

It’s interesting to note that jam-making is a pursuit that King Charles III has embraced for many years. Even before ascending to the throne, he began marketing products from his estate, eventually establishing one of the largest organic food and beverage brands in the United Kingdom. His company’s portfolio now encompasses a variety of goods, including cheeses, vegetables, meats, and an extensive assortment of preserves and jams.

As reported by "Daily Mail," Meghan Markle’s release of a limited batch of strawberry jam unexpectedly boosted sales for King Charles’s company, temporarily selling out several products. Nevertheless, the tabloid mentions that the revenue generated does not directly enrich the monarch but benefits his foundation.

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